Code of Conduct

At Ananta, our values drive our business. We have a well-defined code of conduct that defines the way we deal with our customers, clients, partners and vendors.

Customer Focus:

We are customer-centric in all our dealings. In every transaction we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Customer satisfaction is what determines the success of our business.


We believe in prompt reply to our customers’ needs. This includes changing our decisions, course of action and direction as and when required.


We build each unit ensuring highest quality of workmanship to provide value and delight to our customers. Each unit we build is someone's dream. Each unit we build is an opportunity to out-do ourselves.


We conduct our business fairly. All our transactions and communications are done with honesty, transparency, and keeping in mind the best interest of our customers and stakeholders in mind. All our work demonstrates highest level of professional behavior.


We work with a spirit of cooperation for creative teamwork with individuals from diverse backgrounds, experience, expertise; respect and honor those who are experts in their fields, those who are wise, knowledgeable and insightful; encourage participation and learning.